Friday, April 24, 2009

Theme: Easter

This was our last day with the students. My group was assigned with the pre-k students. Our group members got into character by wearing bunny ears. They thought we were the easter bunnies. I was able to interact more with the pre-k students during this lab because the classroom teachers split the students up into different stations depending on what they wanted to do. We were also able to switch classrooms this time, giving us the chance to interact with both classrooms. I read a story about an easter bunny who would rather play soccer than paint easter eggs. The students seemed to be really interested in the story and waiting patiently to find out the end of the story. After the story was read our group members put together an obstacle course for the pre-k students. That's all they wanted to do for the remainder of the day. It was neat to see the different stages of development each student was at based on stature.

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